Corley Christmas Card

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Downhill Slide

10 1/2 days until Christmas break. Thank goodness. Holy guacamole I am tired.  And not the kind of tired you feel when you’ve had a long day or you didn’t sleep well. It’s the kind of tired from having a long YEAR.*laugh*

On the homefront, all is great. Princess Crybaby is getting big. She is so alert – one of her favorite activities is watching people walk by.

She wants to talk and I think it aggravates her that she can’t make her mouth form the sounds she wants to make.

Munchkin’s teeth woes continue. I fear the fact that both her parents have less then great teeth combined guarantees we will have problems with her mouth.  I should get a job now to start saving for braces.

She had a tooth filled back in April. Well, the tooth was damaged and now requires a root canal. We started that treatment this week. The endodontist was top-notch and I really liked him. He used a lot if big words and I felt like I spent the better part of his explanation with my mouth hanging open with an expression you might see Mater make….uhhhh, whut?

Before and after school soccer practice has started so I don’t see the Coach much.  I’m excited about the season and hope the boys do well and we get through it with no serious injuries.

Speaking of soccer, what on earth is up with picking Qatar for the World Cup in 2022? That’s just stupid.

Work is going well. We have our annual clean up tomorrow and, while it has morphed into something quite different than the original intent if the day, it should still be a good day.  Work, otherwise, is fast and furious.

Oh, did I mention I’m doing another show? I’ve been cast as Grace Farrell in Annie. It opens the end of January.

I’ve become a little superstitious about doing shows as somebody important to me has died in the last three shows I’ve done.  Roy Finney, my beloved friend and mentor, died during the run of My Way. I miscarried Riley doing Godspell and my sweet kitty, Oscar, died right after I found out I was cast in Annie. Weird, huh?

Well, other than the insane juggling act that is my life right now, nothing is really going on.

*hysterical laughter ensues*

If you will excuse me, I will go slip into my white jacket with the buckles on the back now….  standard uniform here, in Crazyville.

‘night, friends.

cold, rainy, dreary

It’s cold and soggy and COLD.  LOL

Actually, it’s really NOT that cold – it’s just wet so it feels colder.  Still, it would be a good night for a fire but, of course, I ran out of logs for the fire this weekend and didn’t pick any up so….. no fire tonight. 

My hair hurts.  It’s been in a bun most of the afternoon and the weight is beginning to pull a little.  how odd – my hair hasn’t been long enough for that in a very long time. 

A lot of Christmas shopping is already finished so I feel a certain sense of satisfaction.  I also know, though, that I’ll continue to to “graze” (shop) right up until the big day.  I still have to shop for Matt and my mother and my secret family member (not tellin’), a gift for the office xmas thing and my mentee. 

Still not sure if we’re doing the whole Christmas card thing this year.  I’d really like to but gosh I am still working on thank you notes from the wedding!  YIKES!  I swear I’ll get all of them done over the holiday – we just haven’t had a spare moment.  *sigh* 

I guess we’ll be doing well to get a christmas card done…  Maybe we’ll do those little picture cards from wal-mart.  Hmmm.. We have to take a picture for the soccer program – maybe we can double up and do Christmas too – it’ll just be an outfit change…  LOL

Family.  Gotta love it.

where have all the christmas decorations gone?

I’ve been to two Sami shows and Bow-tique, only to find a dismal absence of christmas goodies.  I didn’t find any new christmas dishes, towels, napkins, wall hangings, christmas tree doo-dads…NOTHIN!! 

*sigh*  Not a good start to the holiday shopping season.  On an up note, I did find a really neat learn to draw Tinkerbell book for Munchkin. 

She’s waving her pom-pom and doing a cheer.  ah, noise.  *laugh*  Last night, she cheered on the field with the cheerleaders.  She didn’t go to cheer camp but she was able to make it up and still cheer at the game.  She loved it.  She told me she’d like to try cheerleading in the spring.  I told her let’s finish out the year with ballet (they have a holiday recital at the end of November) and then I’d find out how much (and how often) cheerleading would be, after the new year. 

I need to have the carpets cleaned before I drag out christmas decorations.  And what to do with the table?  So many decisions.  *laugh*  Maybe we’ll get a smaller, live tree this year and save the fuss of dragging the big artificial tree out.  That tree is six feet tall and about four feet wide, so it takes up a large space.  If I turn the table, I could probably fit either possibility between the table and the patio door.  Not like we go out there anyway.  *laugh*  (you can tell that by the dead mums out there – poor things)

Well, I’ll wrap this up for now.  Later, gators!