Something to say

The post about the worst part of parenting is getting some attention. Now, instead of sleeping, I’m playing with settings on this blog that’s been just sitting here, waiting for all the things I think, but don’t think anybody will read. (Yes, Mama, I know you read it.) I realized there are 15 draft posts that I started, but never finished; dating all the way back to Christmas of last year.

That’s the longest I’ve gone without writing (I think) since Madygirl was born. And that should tell you the state of affairs right there.

Don’t get me wrong. Life is great. Better than great most of the time. Madygirl’s a sophomore at T-High, the Prime Minister is in 3rd grade, and The Boy is in Pre-K.

Work is amazing. When I stop for a second and look around at all we’ve already accomplished, it’s humbling and more than a bit terrifying. No wonder I’m exhausted.

But, as my mother says, “good stress is still stress.” (I’ve probably written that here before.)

My sweet father in law is very ill and we’re all holding our breath for those baby steps back to whatever normal is going to look like, and I miss my mother and brother so much it hurts some days.

So, in the midst of all this mostly good stuff sprinkled with laundry that will never be finished, brakes on a car that I can’t even deal with right now, and trying to keep my children from driving me completely over the edge (just kidding), I stopped writing it all down.

Until the other day when a mom-blogger I follow ( asked to publish something I wrote in response to a picture she shared in a group. I was, naturally, excited and said “well, YEAH,” and then I called my mother. Well, I called and told Coach first, but he wasn’t going to be over the top “oh honey” like I knew my mama would, so…

These bloggers are people who are actually doing part of the life I want to do. They are real. They are funny. And they want to share what I’m writing. What in the actual.

Maybe I still have things to say.


Hello Mornings

So, a few months back I stumbled across the HelloMornings Challenge Blog. It’s a challenge to get up a little earlier, on purpose, to make that YOUR time for bible study, exercise, and whatever morning routine with yourself. I found it to be a wonderful idea so I signed up. Not really familiar with the concept and getting in after group sign-up,  I didn’t really do it right (I didn’t know that until later either) and I wasn’t so faithful about it. But I really love the idea, so I’ve signed up for the Summer session and I’d LOVE for you to join me. Here’s what you need to know:

  • A 13-week challenge to maximize your mornings, via online accountability groups.
  • Starts May 6th and runs through August 2nd.
  • Registration is open until Friday, May 3th.
  • Perfection is not a requirement. Just a desire to meet with God in the morning and a commitment to checking in with your group. (if you know me and want to be in the same group I’m in, click on Kristin Smith in the Central Time Zone list.)
  • There is also a free Bible study for all HelloMornings participants, Meet Jesus, a walk through the book of John.

I can’t wait to get started!