Indignation Station

Have I mentioned how exhausting people are and how much passive-aggressive behavior wears me out?

In this spirit, I will post instructions on how to appropriately write a passive aggressive note.  Because, if you are going to do it, at least have the decency to do it correctly.  Whoever you are.  *giggle*

Seriously, though.  I think what exhausts me more than anything is how quick people (in general) jump on the Defensive Train and ride it all the way to Indignation Station.  (this sounds like the beginning of a School House Rock song)
Ok, I’m done.  It’s no skin off my back.  I won’t stop asking questions when I want to know things and people will still get defensive as a first response (learned that from one of my asst. supts.) until they understand asking questions isn’t an attack. 

So I found a website today that I am in LURVE with!  You can enter a string of words and it will create a “wordle” for you.  Like this one:

Isn’t that the COOLEST thing you’ve ever seen?  Yes, I think so too. 
This is where you nod your head and agree with me (or you shake your head because I’m a hopeless dork.). 

Cold Weather

There’s something about this crisp weather that makes the sky seem bluer, chili taste better and hot chocolate compliment every meal.

Some people love this weather.   Brisk weather agrees with them.

Not me. I hate this weather. LOL

Hate is a strong word, I know.  I’m a summer girl. That’s all there is to that. I love hot days and balmy nights.  This weather is only fit for hanging meat. Not wanting to liken myself to a slab of beef, I prefer to stay inside on days like today – 20 degrees with 25 mph winds.

Naturally, my best friend is a polar bear. He would have to be a coach of a sport that plays outside during the coldest time of year in Texas.  I’m tellin’ you, you’ve never been cold until you sit on metal bleachers. Thank goodness for hand warmers, sleeping bags and stadium chairs.
And, as much as I gripe about the weather, I’m looking forward to the games. Yes really.

I know. I’m goofy. But you’re not surprised, are you?

random 80s songs I want to download

What have I done to deserve this – Pet Shop Boys
Send me an angel – Real Life
West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys (if I don’t already have this one)
Something About You – Level 42
Always Something There to Remind Me – Naked Eyes
Human – Human League
Ordinary World – Duran Duran

Some of my very favorite 80s songs and, if I had my laptop with me tonight, I’d download them…  🙂

warning: uber-dork post

This game is SO stinkin’ fun!  🙂  I’ve been waiting for it since Christmas, when they announced a March-April release…  puh-shaw – it released last week sometime… 

Oh well – it’s still fun and defintely was worth the wait.  I’m remembering all kinds of things from the books and that’s helping get through the levels without any walkthroughs…  (yes, really)  It made me even more excited about the November release of Year 7: Part 1.  WHEEE!!!  Bring on the midnight showing – yes, I will be there.  Nana, please plan to have the girls. 

Coach even gave it a spin and, even though he experienced some technical difficulties late last night (or very early this morning, as it were), I think he likes it too…

Munchkin called this morning from Jersey and said her dad read on facebook that I got the harry potter game and she wants to play it once she gets home…  *laugh*

My Dork Empire is nearly complete!  Now, if we can raise the Stowaway to the Dork-side, we’ll be masters of our very own Dork-iverse… 

Mommy is bringing me a double-decker taco – I’m hungry already!  I can’t believe it – I ate a BIG bowl of Lucky Charms (M’s favorite cereal) this morning.  Must bring snacks.

Ok, back to work.

why yes, I’d love to use your time machine

Ok, I’ve decided I’m just stuck in the 32-week spinzone.  Time is slowing down to a non-crawl.  I know time is moving forward because we keep running out of toilet paper.  But golly, gee, willakers – is this pregnancy EVER going to be over?!  I could bore you with the endless whine that is late 3rd trimester stuff but I’ll spare you.  See how understanding I can be?

please hold for a coffee break

[insert musak here]

now we return you to this regularly scheduled blog…

Ok, that was silly. 

So, World Cup is almost over. 

Yeah, I want to talk about pregnancy too.  The greatest thing about the Stowaway getting as big as she is, is that I can feel her moving all the time and it makes me smile (most of the time).  She had hiccups day before yesterday and that’s the first time I’ve felt them.  She’s such a pistol!  She moves and rolls and kicks and the instant I invite Dad or Nana or somebody else to reach out and feel, she stops.  Stinker. 

So, I’m watching HLN this morning and they are showing this wife-carrying contest in Finland or somewhere that has silly games like this that make it to international news.  It made me stop and ask myself what, exactly, determines whether something is “newsworthy.”  I had that show on, in the background, the last 45 minutes and there was not a single mention of Iraq or Afghanistan.  I heard about a 100-mile car chase in California, tar balls in Galveston from the BP spill, wife-carrying games in Finland, LeBron James *yawn*, and on and on and on…  The only thing I could see that might remotely resemble news would be the continued MESS in the Gulf because of BP’s reckless disregard for ANYTHING. 

If France bans the Islamic veils, they just might surpass us as the most hated non-Muslim country.  Ah, the world in which we live… *sigh*

90-degree heat in the Northeast?  So what? 

Ok, I’m quitting.  I promise this will be the last time I blog while watching the drivel masquerading as “news.”

Have a great day, folks.

clock watching

I start my new schedule at work today: 10am-3pm.  It’s a little odd, considering I’ve never worked half-time before.  It will take a little adjusting to until I have children at home again. 

With Munchkin in Jersey for the summer and the Stowaway still in the slow cooker, I don’t really have anything to do first thing in the morning.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I am NOT complaining!  Au contraire, I think it will be really nice to have a few extra hours to get around and straighten things up and work on the endless packing project before we move.  And then, to have the afternoons to spend with Coach, who is enjoying his summer by recording every scrap of futbol he can find on television.

I made my official Moving To Do list this week and I’m going to tape it to the front door so everytime we go past it, we’ll see what’s left to be done.  It will keep me on track and give Coach some things to do during his day when I’m at work.  *wink*

I feel rather helpless knowing I’m so pregnant and can’t really pick up heavy stuff, or do a lot of, well, ANYTHING.  The logistics of doing a lot of bending are just absurd at this point.  It’s not that I can’t see my shoes, I just can’t reach them.  Not without huffing and puffing and feeling like, surely, I’m folding the Stowaway in half which, I’m sure, she doesn’t appreciate one iota.

I’m FINISHED with all my scrapbooking endeavors for a while – our engagement, bridal and wedding albums should be delivered today and I ordered the Disney album last night so it should be here late next week.  I am so excited to see the albums!  I am really enjoying learning about digital scrapbooking and plan to do a lot more of it. 

Now that we have a good family camera again, I can get picaboo and smilebox transferred over to the house computer.  My next project is to do another album for Munchkin and then, in September, I’ll do our family pictures Andrea Crosswhite will come down and take.  She’s our “family photographer.”  She took Coach and my engagement, bridal and wedding pictures so we thought she’d be perfect to take pictures of our family – from now on. 

Well, my friends, I’m going to enjoy the last 30 minutes of morning before I need to start getting ready for work by making a cup of coffee and taking all the artwork off the walls.  You know, that’s my least favorite part of moving.  Bare walls are lonely walls to me.  That, and packing away my books.  Not being able to see all the wonderful spines and be reminded of the stories whenever I pass by is a little sad.  *laugh*  I’m a dork.  Yes, I know. 

Have a happy day!

ps. if you’ve joined us from fb, please leave me a reply and say, “howdy!”