Fun While It Lasted

You know that moment, at the very end of the Truman Show, right after they cut the transmission on the show? Everybody looks at eachother and says, “wonder what’s on next?” Well, I closed the book on House Pride on Friday. *sigh* It sure was fun while it lasted. Three months and 630 posts and then I pulled the plug.

Two bull-headed people that wear their hearts on their sleeves and were both convinced in the total rightness of their position faced off. I decided that my time was better spent searching for other endeavors than dealing with the mind-numbingly blind association with the idiotic-Pat Robertson-pseudo-Christians of this world; just because I am uncompromising about my beliefs and that the aspects of my faith are non-negotiable. Well, that and my presence was unwelcome.

The good news is that nobody got hurt. Well, I was more than a little heart-broken at having to say so little to those who I have begun to call friends. There was not really time for explanations; it would have made the immediate situation worse. The biggest disappointment, though, came from the altercation itself. For a person who claimed to be able and willing to discuss sensitive topics as a mature adult, without fear of reprisals or retribution; she proved to be quite unwilling or unable to do just that. Once she heard words that she didn’t like; the exchange was over. Her reason shut down and her emotion took over. Which, is quite unfortunate, but a peril one must face in taking on any such conversation. I knew how the scene would end before we even began, but felt compelled to answer truthfully when asked about my beliefs.

Perhaps one day, she’ll realize that I am not her enemy and have no desire to be. I love her because she is a divine part of God’s creation. Her life choices do not change the truth of the nature of her Creation; nor do they change the reality of the message I tried to convey. She is a person with a heart and a spirit that yearns for the truth of God’s love and forgiving grace. I will pray daily for her and that God would, perhaps one day, give me an opportunity to be a true friend to her. One who would encourage her to examine her heart and know the truth. That she would come to know the wonderful promise that is found in grace.

I told Mother though, that it irked me that God would choose to use me to speak the truth in love a WEEK before the Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire Premiere. *pout* Oh well… Night, kids.


Stomach Ache

I haven’t decided whether or not to go back to bed. My side hurts. I have this little voice in my head (no, not THAT kind of voice) that is rather paranoid and tends to have a tendency to sound like a hypochondriac. Well, this little voice is saying, “it’s your appendix.” Not that I would know where my appendix is in the first place, but it’s where they always point to on the TV shows.

Most likely I slept funny last night and have a “crick” in my back (whatever crick means anyway). So, I’m debating laying down on the couch, putting in one of the LOTR movies and starting a nap. Maybe it’ll be such a great nap that I won’t wake up until my “crick” goes away. *grin*

I have a job interview tomorrow! I’m excited. It’s a construction superintendent position. I would have a list and a schedule and it would be my job to keep everybody on track; building residential homes. How AWESOME would that be? I love the process of homebuilding. I don’t want to do new home sales because it is too far removed from the quality part of the work. Like insurance sales, I had to make my living based on what somebody ELSE was doing. If something was messed up, it was probably out of my control but because I was the salesman, I still took the hit. YUCK. Never again, says I.

When my brother and I were children, we would design and then plan the construction of houses. Imaginary, of course, but what fun we had. We would occupy days and days and beg our mother to take us to the home improvement stores so we could get ideas and paint samples and roofing brochures and… Well, you get the picture. As I got older, I realized that architects have to know how to draw and must be very good at math. Not to mention that they design a lot of things other than houses and that just wasn’t interesting to me. So, I put those childhood memories and dreams in a drawer.

I know it would be a lot of hard work. I mean, dealing with construction workers (especially since I’m a woman) would be a big job. I probably would have to break down and learn at least a little Spanish (something I’ve avoided because I was an opera singer and it just didn’t seem relevant). Oh, and I might even have to trade in my high heels for …gulp… boots? *giggle*

I don’t know. I think it would be a challenge and talk about tangible results for your work. Gosh, you get to do the final walkthrough of a house that, partly because of your organization, is completed on time and to the quality and specification required? How AWESOME would that be??

I’m a little nervous, too, though because I know NOTHING about construction. Absolutely nothing. My dad came over last night to oil the lock on my front door. He asked me for some pliers. I handed him a pair of my needle-nosed pliers that I use to make jewelry. Hey, they are pliers too, right??? Aren’t they all the same?? *grin* So, I would have a LOT to learn. But, isn’t that one of my favorite things to do – learn?

So, we’ll see.

In other news – I’ve been made a part of the staff over at House-Pride. *happy dance* I told Kiana that I like to think of myself as laid back and wise because of my age but, in all reality, I’m too much of a type-A to be laid back and my wisdom just (mostly) comes out as hot air. *grin* So, whatever. At least I’m around a lot.

I submitted my entries for the new Interhouse Competition. The challenge was to plan “THE” party of the year. I can’t say or give details (obviously) about what I planned, but I had so much fun doing it! I don’t even care if I win or not. I enjoyed the planning so much that I printed out my plans and put them in my big idea book; just in case I ever have an opportunity to pull of a (much cheaper) version of my party idea. Talk about fun.

Ah, I’ve just yawned for the 30th time in a row, so I’m going to finish this up for now and go curl up on the couch. Thus is the life of a bum. blah.

Shamless Plug

I have officially decided to be a Harry Potter fan. As in collecting and all. I know, horrendous. I’m pushing 30 and should have far more important things to do than while away the hours on House Pride. But it’s just so dang fun!

Ok, if you are not familiar with House Pride – I stumbled across it one night while I was looking for a place to talk about the new Harry Potter book, Half Blood Prince. I had just finished it and was DYING to talk to ANYBODY about it. That was three weeks ago. Now, I’m just as nuts about it as I am chocolate and coffee. I look at it first thing in the morning and it’s the last thing I look at before I turn the computer off at night.

The thing I like MOST about it is the way it is moderated. They are ruthless about rule-breaking and that just makes me giddy. They make no secret that people will be squibbed and then do it! It’s just hilarious. You have to take this LONG sorting quiz and they want an auto-biography from you. Seriously. But, they sorted me unanimously into Gryffindor so I’m a happy little clam.

I’ve been posting and posting. Everytime I log on I see something new and it’s GREAT! My mother is really starting to tease me about how much time I’m spending on the boards. How everything right now reminds me of something Harry Potter.. *laugh* Yes, I know – I’m an idiot. What can I say??

Avoiding Seinfeld Moments

You know that moment when that idiot with the crazy hair falls into Jerry’s front door? That’s what I feel like my life is like; a series of awkward entrances.

I’m back to fretting about money. Not so much that I know I don’t have any (what’s new about that?) but just wondering how I can fix the problem so that it stops happening. There for a while, I wasn’t worrying about money and I was making LESS than I’m making now. A LOT LESS. Go figure.

My ex is moving back to New Jersey. I would dance, but that would just seem mean. That woudn’t be my intention, but I can almost feel his chaos from three hours away. It would be nice to know that my little girl doesn’t have to go and be subjected to his mania every other weekend.

My little girl started preschool today. She wore her little uniform and looked SO cute! It’s a half day program at a private school in the next town over from where we live. It’s NOT daycare. They have curriculum and structured learning time under degreed teachers.

Well, I’m pretty tired so I’m going to check the House-Pride website one more time and then go to bed.

Go Gryffindors!