A note from the Coach’s wife

As Coach’s wife, I don’t often voice opinions or thoughts out loud about the Soccer program. I don’t see it as my job. My job is to support and keep the home fires burning. But I just have to say this one thing…

Thank you. Thank you for driving back and forth to away games and tournaments. For selling t-shirts and nachos. For sitting on metal bleachers in 25 degrees, rain, sleet, and snow over and over this season. For trucking kids back and forth to EARLY morning practices and waiting in cars for afternoon practices as the sun went down. For always believing.

I am so proud to be the wife of your head coach. He loves your sons as if they were his own. What you may or may not know is that you and your sons are prayed for. They are part of our family. We cheer when they win, we grieve when they don’t, and we hurt when they hurt.

Six years ago, I knew almost nothing about Soccer. Now, I can watch a game and see why it is called “the beautiful game.” And, intertwined in every moment are the faces of your sons. THEY make it beautiful.

Thank you for trusting Coach. Thank you for believing in Wildcat Soccer. Thank you for a beautiful season. Thank you.


nothing to write about

WARNING: this is going to be one of those posts where I ramble…wait, that’s EVERY post…  HAHAHA

It’s Friday night, we’re 30 minutes from leaving for some FOOTBALL.  I know I usually talk about soccer (the game I’m sure Jesus would want to play) but tonight I’m going to talk about the wonderful magic that happens during FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

The thrill of the drumline, the way the Kittens sparkle, the perky little cheerleaders and increasingly growing to love all things about the Temple WILDCATS.  The fans, the stadium, all of it. 

I can’t wait!  Let’s go CATS!